Welcome to my blog. 

I am a busy girl and love nothing more to spend time with my babies, Parsley, Mittens,Banoffe,Rose and Cocoa. I have a passion for animals and love being a mini explorer. I particularly like spending time with nature and love birds. 

My hobbies are swimming, roller booting,trampolining, being in the garden with my babies reading, photography, music, and being creative. Most things really. 

I love going to the coast and as i don't get holidays, i love having animal experiences. I haven't got a fave animal, i love them all equally... though i really love elephants,Gorilla's,Orangs,leopards,tigers and Polar Bears to name a few. I really enjoyed my chimp,Orang,Polar Bear,Elephant,Penguin and turtle feed experiences to name but a few. I get bullied badly, so it helps me.

I recently saw Peter Andre and Little Mix in concert and it was amazing. I love their recent music. I hate eating animals and get distressed when i see them run over. Traumatised is more like it.  I feel really close to animals and get a massive bond and empathy with them.

I do voluntary work for the guide dogs and do fundraising events for Support dogs and guide dogs and try as much as possible to support donkey charities, Hillside animal sanctuary and bransby home of rest for horses.

I am a member of the british hedgehog preservation society,rspb and the wildlife trust.

I am a dog groomer and small animal boarder and am qualified in pets as therapy,Pet first aid,dog grooming to name a few.  I love using aroma care on dogs as i can relate to how much better,clamer and more confident it makes them feel after. Even just a good de-matt,wash and professional blow dry makes them look and feel tons better already. I love seeing the effect it has on them and the bond i get. 

I love Derbyshire and girly things. 

Yours in blogs,